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Having a well organised, effective and consistent digital marketing strategy must be a key focus for all businesses today.


The first stop for any potential customer wanting to learn more about your business, products or services is your website. Having a modern, easy to navigate, functional website, that is a true reflection of your business and brands, is key to making the best introduction you possible.


Once your ‘Shop Window’ is in place, driving traffic to it is the next big challenge! There are multiple ways of achieving this, the number one being the strategic use of digital media. Identifying and establishing the most effective combination of digital channels that will work together to drive traffic to your website is the next step in the journey.


Website News / Blogs - As with any press release sent out to relevant publications in your specific market places, your website news posts and blogs are there to ensure these important messages are represented digitally. Working cohesively with your social media and Email campaigns, your news and blogs will be your first point of contact (landing pages) for all users directed to your website. Therefore they need to be on brand, informative, well crafted and not too lengthy. The link between the news post / blog and your contact details form must be seamless as this is the final step in the journey. Direct contact!


Google Ads is the new version of Google Adwords. Using Google Ads in an effective, well managed fashion will dramatically increase traffic to your website by creating bespoke campaigns and placing crafted adverts at the top of specific google searches defined by keywords. As GoogleAds can be precisely managed by budget they will always provide a cost effective channel to your digital strategy.


There are multiple social media platforms available. Choosing which one, or which combination to use is the first step to a successful, effective social media presence. The next step is to research your chosen platforms to establish the most effective way of engaging with your target audience whether by location, product or specific industry. Once the methodology is complete, the final step is to put together a regular schedule best suited to both promoting your brand and driving traffic back to your website. Posts should be visually impactive and representative of all that is great about your business. Consistency is also key as putting your business’s key messages and U.S.Ps in-front of your target audience must be a regular occurance! This is where most businesses fall down; social media content is sparse and unreliable which will dis-engage your target audience and is sometimes worse than having no presence at all. E-Mail Marketing - Email campaigns are a very effective at delivering your branded messaging directly to key industry targets. Your email campaigns once again should be visually on-brand, with direct, ‘call to action’ links back to your website. Email marketing is also a fantastic tool to use when inviting specific important contacts to an event such as a trade show.


Instant feedback from your digital activity is an incredibly valuable tool, establishing which content has been well received, well read, attracted high volume engagement or most importantly directed your key targets to the most relevant pages on your website. This data enables you to, on a daily basis if required, amend your digital marketing strategy and approach based on real time feedback. Being quick and agile will always ensure you are positioning your business and brands in such a way as to maximise awareness of your business, driving/ increasing sales. Analytics also enable you to develop strategies based on what is popular to your target audience and what is spiking the most interest.

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