Top 5 benefits of promotional marketing


Running promotions and marketing campaigns are an ideal way to promote your latest products and services. Creating excitement ensures interest and drives customers to you and your brands.

Promotional marketing creates the perfect incentive to persuade the target audience…


  1. Increase brand awareness

  2. Increase customer traffic

  3. Quick decision making

  4. Build sales and profits

  5. Strengthens the focus on marketing


1.  Increase brand awareness

With access to various media including print and digital platforms it’s easier than ever to get your promotions out into the public eye. Information about your brand and company should be consistent throughout any promotion, so that it will naturally build on your brand awareness. Your target market will also gain easy access to all that your business has to offer; this is where you brush up on your up-selling opportunities by making sure your promotion links back to your website/contact information throughout all of your promotional content.


2.  Increase customer traffic

Promoting a new offer or a new product is a key way to drive traffic to your site. Your target market needs to see new content consistently to keep them interested and engaged. If you promote the same thing over and over, your customers will disengage and become inactive to your marketing efforts. Keep them updated, make them feel special; give them something exclusive.


3.  Quick customer decision making

Limited availability offers can create a sense of urgency in your customers that get them to act.  When combined with new content that helps customers clearly see the benefits of what you are promoting, you can create compelling reasons to buy now


4.  Build sales and profits

Promotional material gives customers more of an incentive to purchase, if they can purchase your product or service from many different sources, why should they chose you? You need to answer this within your promotions i.e with our product you will receive a free fitting or extra warranty etc… This will build your profits and give you a worthy edge over your competitors.

Try giving out free samples and giveaways. Show that you are so confident in your products and services that your willing to let customers try it first.  This will gain trust and ultimately customers will come to you to make purchases.


5.  Strengthens the focus on marketing

Developing a promotion calendar will encourage you to plan for new marketing programs focused at specific times of year.  If you don’t have a dedicated marketing team doing this for you already, you should consider creating a promotions plan this will ensure frequency in your overall marketing schedule. can assist with your promotions whether it be graphic design needs, campaign creations or advertising. We have worked with a range of customers in creating long and short - term promotions to help their business and products grow through increasing sales and brand awareness.

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