Social Media - Rules of #Wisdom


1. CONNECT WITH A PURPOSE: Many people think that the more connections the better no matter who they are. This depends what you really want from your social media platforms. Do you want to show that you can gain a big following quickly? Or do you want your connections to be quality over quantity? There is no wrong answer. It depends on what your requirements are, but you must determine this before taking on social media accounts, so that you have a clear view of who your target audience is, and then plan your strategy around this. 

2. STAY AUTHENTIC: The web is full of sales pitches and promotional adverts everywhere you turn, but what people really take notice of is the 'personality' behind the keyboard. Try to stay as authentic as possible. Be yourself.

3. SHARE WISELY: Sharing is key to improving your social media profiles. Keep up to date with your industry and share your customers' posts and interests where possible. This will keep you in their social 'zone' and it's generally polite to do so.

4.  REPLY TIMELY: Messages and comments need to be acknowledged as fast as possible. If not then customers will get annoyed extremely fast, and could even harm your reputation verbally. No one wants this. So reply timely and considerately at all times. 

5.  KEEP CONTENT USEFUL: You need to show that you are the specialist in your area, to do this on social media you will need to share, create and spread useful content across all your channels. Your audience will begin to keep an eye out for your posts more often if they are useful to them.

6.  SPREAD LOVE: Spreading worldly love is a great way to show your audience that you care about many different things. They will begin to get a feel for your humanity and kindness, which in turn will build trust. But remember don't just share for the sake of it - keep it meaningful and close to your own interests.

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