Our top seasonal marketing tips


Marketing campaigns are often far more effective when based around seasonal events. If planned effectively the opportunities from marketing your business through seasonal promotions will gain new customers, more attraction to your business and a return on your investment.


Key benefits of seasonal promotions

  • Maximise revenue during periods where a substantial amount of your sales take place

  • Provide a memorable experience to your customers

  • Attracts attention to your business and increase sales during quiet periods
  • Boost sales by increasing your visibility amongst consumers

Annual Marketing Plan

Developing an annual plan to map out your marketing strategy for the year will ensure you don't overlook any potential seasonal marketing opportunities. Plan for e-shots or email notifications to your customers list in advance of special promotions, events and sales.

Traditional Holiday Marketing

Traditional gift-giving holidays are prime marketing occasions for many small businesses, particularly those offering personalised or specialty goods and services. Don't limit your marketing efforts to existing customers. Target other potential customers with specific gift items, or promotions.

Niche Marketing

If your business caters to a niche market, create special marketing promotions around key events i.e Motorsports events, automotive exhibitions, or consider hosting an after-hours event that promotes your products or service.

Seasonal Appeal

Seasonal marketing is more than just decorating for the holidays. In the summer aim to target the travellers. In the winter create that ‘must have for winter’ offer. Sometimes a consumer needs a reminder of the time of year and educating them on preparing for it will make them feel grateful for the knowledge given, this will sway their buying decisions.


Here’s a few of our seasonal promotion ideas:

  •  Create specialty gift packages tailored to seasonal events.
  •  Host special events to help educate your customers in your  specialist sector.
  • Offer limited deals throughout each season.
  • Free seasonal gifts with certain purchases.
  • Seasonal competitions.


If you need assistance with a seasonal marketing campaign, get in touch with us to see how we can help you build a promotion that will boost your sales.