Consistency is key.


Consistency is key....

1. It's Marketing on a Higher Level

First and foremost, without even seeing a single logo or strap line, sales price or brand name, I can usually tell the brands that market on a higher level at a glance.

Brand consistency takes you to the next level in marketing. 

Your goal should be to craft a brand that is so consistent and so synonymous with your product experience that when a customer / consumer sees your signature brand logo they are already thinking about making their next purchase from you without you even having to ask.

2. Consistency Makes Your Brand Feel More Dependable

When you're getting to know a person, you start to develop opinions, ideas and assumptions about them based on your interactions. If they are dressed in a business suit one day, shorts and an old T-shirt the next and then a scuba diving suit another time, it may be hard to nail down exactly who they are and what they are all about.

Now imagine this same person is someone you are considering doing business with. Wouldn't you be concerned about their consistency in their work based on their inconsistent appearance? You may think twice before bringing them into your business because they're unpredictable.

Your customers / consumers can feel the same about your brand if you aren't careful. If your social media voice is whimsical and silly but your product packaging is sterile and plain, you're sending mixed signals that will confuse consumers and leave them feeling like your brand can't be trusted. 

3. People Trust Brands They Recognise

Brand recognition is not just about getting your name out there. It's about helping consumers get to know your brand on a personal level.

It's a long-standing concept that purchasing is more an emotional decision than a practical one

Part of engaging the right emotions with your customers / consumers is making them feel like they know your brand and that your brand can be trusted.

Brand consistency is part of building trust. 

Why do you always buy the same brand of toothpaste or the same brand of bread? Because it's predictable. You know what to expect and you know you will like the outcome.

Giving consumers a dependable experience across all your channels of communication works along the same lines as always putting out a dependable product.

Developing a seamless look for your brand across your website, all social media channels, your press communications at trade shows even in your premises and on your product packaging will make customers / consumers feel more comfortable with your brand, and will make them more likely to purchase from you again.

Having a consistent brand will also give your employees confidence and belief in your / their brand which always leads onto increased sales and better product understanding.

Interacting with your target audience through a consistent brand voice and aesthetic is a major step towards letting consumers get to know you as an organisation.

Because we can cater for all your marketing requirements in-house, can help you achieve brand consistency linking all your different marketing strands together giving you and your staff a strong brand to go to market which will in turn increase awareness, customer confidence and as an end result, sales.

Do you need help with your brand? We can assess your brand performance and outline key areas that may need improving.

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