Top 10 Social media marketing tips


1.   Have a plan! 

Too often people put up a Facebook page or start tweeting without thinking about how these tactics can help their business. Old, outdated content is a huge customer turn off.

Going ‘quiet’ for too long can cost you followers. But it’s almost worse to force out daily posts that aren’t tactful. It's best to find a balance that works your audience as well as you.

People tend to forget that social media is an investment and needs to be a priority to gain maximum benefits.

2.   Define your target audience 

Choose a corresponding social media platform. Think about who you are trying to target. If you're trying to reach teens, then SnapChat might be the right one for you. If you're trying to reach their mothers, then Facebook/Pinterest would be a better choice. Remember to tailor your posting to their timescales; evenings, weekends, or even other time zones.

Some people make the mistake of creating social media profiles on all platforms available, this is not necessarily useful if your audience doesn’t use every single one; you are essentially creating more work for yourself.  

3.   It’s all about content

Content, content, and more content! Keep your content fresh and trending. Blogging is the perfect place to start. Share your insights, but do so in an engaging customer friendly way.

Remember, you don't have to do it all yourself. To build up your content you can also repost or share other's content. (This is called curated content.)

4.   Social media isn’t all about the written word anymore 

Post pictures that demonstrate your product's benefits. Video is even better, videos have twice the engagement as photos on Instagram.

You can shoot a simple video with your smartphone that shows your product or service. Consider using one of your customers in the video to build your brand's credibility. Don’t be afraid to post natural videos and photo’s, social media is all about showing your personality.

5.   Don't do the hard sell on social media platforms 

Instead aim for engagement. Getting customers to like/share your content is key. Social media is a way for your customers to get to know what you and your company value. Be authentic and put up share-worthy posts.

Get your customers to like you and they'll be more receptive to buying from you down the road. Share content that paints your worldview and bring your fans along for the ride.

6.   Be responsive 

If a customer makes a comment (positive or negative) get back to them right away. Ensure they know you are listening and responsive.

Listening and responding to social media requires time and thoughtfulness, another reason to start slowly and build into more platforms over time.

7.   Social media is a journey 

Your website is the ultimate destination. If your social media does its job correctly, your prospects will end up on your website to learn more. You'll want to have a website up and running before you start your social media activities, so you have a site to point to from your social media channels. Think of your website as your shop window, and your social media provides the directions to it.

8.   Be authentic

Make your social media channels and website a reflection of you and your brand so they feel real. Speak in your own voice, but be careful to match the tone of your content to your business.

For example; if you are selling a fitness product, then an energetic tone may be more appropriate.

9.   Focus on the customer

It's not about you, it's about them! Follow the language your customers use to talk about your field and engage with them on those terms. Use hashtags to join conversations on social media, and incorporate commonly used terms in your website to help customers find you through web searches.

10.  Don't forget about the mobile

Most tweeters use Twitter on smartphones, and half a billion Facebook users only use the site on mobile devices. Also not forgetting the biggest social media platform Instagram is a mobile-first experience.

That means that many of your social media followers will be opening your website on mobile, so it's important to make sure it's mobile responsive to provide a great browsing experience. can assist with your social media marketing. We have worked with a range of customers in creating bespoke social media personalities and content throughout a variety of platforms. 

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