Is it time to refresh Your Brand?

Keep it fresh, relevant and a true reflection of who you are.

Periodically, a company recognises the need to refresh its brand. A brand refresh not only acknowledges the evolution of the individual business; it also considers the nature and necessity of change itself.

Many well known, global companies have refreshed their business brands over time to ensure their business remains relevant and that current attitudes and trends that change year on year, decade on decade, are catered for.

A modern contemporary brand portrays a fresh, current and up-to-date image of a company. This is reassuring to its existing customers and attractive to new ones.

A brand refreshment comes with an investment of money, time and energy; however, if carried out properly, the process will pay dividends going forwards keeping your business fresh, relevant and modern.

5 Key reasons to refresh your company branding.

  • Your audience are taking less notice than they used to

  • You’re getting lost amongst the competition

  • Your business has evolved

  • You want to attract a new audience

  • Your brand is inconsistent

The next step.

Once you have decided a brand refresh is the best way for your company to move forwards; the next step is to work out a plan.

Take a good look at where you are now:

  • What makes you different?
  • How is your company perceived?
  • How does your company look or communicate in visual terms?
  • Does your appearance match your company’s current mission / vision, as well as its place within the broader industry?
  • How does your competition do it?
  • What needs to change to bring the brand up to speed?

Recognise the Need for Consistency:

A brand can change... but how far should you go?

Ask yourself; could the refresh potentially dissipate any recognition and goodwill gained through years of careful strategy? Make sure any plan for refreshing the brand acknowledges the need for a “core consistency,” even as it revitalises the brand’s key elements. A logo revamp, a rebuilt website, and revisiting your look and feel can all breathe new life into a company—but an iconic brand may not benefit from a radical change.

Aim for Relevancy:

If the refreshed brand reinforces your company’s relevancy, with people getting excited again about your products and mission, you’ve succeeded.

Look for Some Help:

Consider consulting a branding agency to help and guide you through the journey. Perhaps look for an agency that has experience in your sector and has been through the process before. It is essential that you nail it first time.


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